Aphorisms by author: Paul Valery

Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.
By theme : Politics Wit
If people cannot attack the idea, they attack the thinker.
By theme : Thought Wisdom
History is the science of what never happens twice.
By theme : History Philosophy Wit
Consciousness reigns but does not rule.
By theme : Conscience Philosophy
The weakness of strength is that it counts only on strength.
By theme : Philosophy Wisdom
Only when we come to the end, we decide whether the path was correct.
By theme : Life Thought
Nothing is more natural than mutual misunderstanding; the contrary is always surprising. I believe that one never agrees on anything except by mistake, and that all harmony among human beings is the happy fruit of an error.
By theme : Philosophy Psychology Relations
Our future is based on our past.
By theme : Future Philosophy Psychology Thought
Our most important thoughts are those that contradict our emotions.
By theme : Feelings Thought
Lonely person is always in a bad company.
By theme : Society Unhappiness
The future is not what it used to be before.
By theme : Future Wit
War: a massacre of people who don`t know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don`t massacre each other.
By theme : Wit War
An artist never really finishes his work, he merely abandons it.
By theme : Art Creativity
Poetry is a separate language, or more specifically, a language within a language.
By theme : Art
Perhaps to our senses things offer only their rejections. Perfume is what flowers throw away.
By theme : Feelings Philosophy Wit
Doubt and disorder are in us and with us.
By theme : Philosophy Thought Wisdom
There is nothing more mysterious than clarity.
By theme : Philosophy Thought Wisdom
Serious people have few ideas. People with ideas are never serious.
By theme : Thought
The definition of beauty is easy; it`s what leads you to desperation.
By theme : Beauty Philosophy
Sometimes I think and sometimes I am.
By theme : Philosophy Thought Wit
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