Aphorisms by author: Novalis

Prayer is to religion what thinking is to philosophy. To pray is to make religion.
By theme : Religion
Philosophy is properly home-sickness; the wish to be everywhere at home.
By theme : Philosophy
In cheerful souls there is no wit. Wit shows a disturbance of the equipoise.
By theme : Wit
Christianity is the root of all democracy, the highest fact in the rights of men.
By theme : Democracy Religion
Where children are, there is the golden age.
By theme : Happiness
We touch heaven when we lay our hand on a human body.
By theme : Wisdom
Accident is simply unforeseen order.
By theme : Philosophy
A character is a completely fashioned will.
By theme : Character
A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.
By theme : Behavior Cynicism
Friendship, love, and piety ought to be handled with a sort of mysterious secrecy; they ought to be spoken of only in the rare moments of perfect confidence, to be mutually understood in silence. Many things are too delicate to be thought; many more, to be spoken.
By theme : Behavior Psychology Relations
Only as far as a man is happily married to himself is he fit for married life and family life in general.
By theme : Marriage Wit
We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.
By theme : Life Psychology Wisdom
Character and fate are two words for the same thing.
By theme : Character
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