Aphorisms by author: Blaise Pascal

Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarreled with him.
By theme : Morality War
The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me.
By theme : Thought
The supreme function of reason is to show man that some things are beyond reason.
By theme : Philosophy Reason
Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.
By theme : Philosophy Thought
We never love a person, but only qualities.
By theme : Love
All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.
By theme : Feelings Reason
Curiosity is only vanity. Most frequently we wish not to know, but to talk. We would not take a sea voyage for the sole pleasure of seeing without hope of ever telling.
By theme : Behavior Philosophy Psychology Thought
It is not certain that everything is uncertain.
By theme : Knowledge Thought Wisdom
There are some who speak well and write badly. For the place and the audience warm them, and draw from their minds more than they think of without that warmth.
By theme : Creativity Psychology
The sole cause of man`s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.
By theme : Unhappiness
Fashion is a tyrant from which nothing frees us. We must suit ourselves to its fantastic tastes. But being compelled to live under its foolish laws, the wise man is never the first to follow, nor the last to keep it.
By theme : Fashion
Law without force is impotent.
By theme : Society State
Love has reasons which reason cannot understand.
By theme : Love Reason
Two things control men`s nature, instinct and experience.
By theme : Men Nature
I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
By theme : Art Creativity
The greatness of man is great in that he knows himself to be wretched. A tree does not know itself to be wretched.
By theme : Knowledge Men Thought Wisdom
If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.
By theme : Friendship Society
When we are in love we seem to ourselves quite different from what we were before.
By theme : Love Psychology
The greater intellect one has, the more originality one finds in men. Ordinary persons find no difference between men.
By theme : Psychology Thought Wisdom
Little things console us because little things afflict us.
By theme : Feelings Psychology
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